Prime Advantage Review: Is It Scam? CFDs and real cryptos

The following is a brief introduction to the topic:

Over the years, cryptocurrency trading has become more popular as people seek to invest in an innovative industry. Prime Advantage is an online trading platform for cryptocurrency that allows users to trade both CFDs and actual cryptos. This review will examine Prime Advantage’s features, benefits and drawbacks to determine if it is a legitimate platform or not.

Prime Advantage: What is it?

Prime Advantage, a trading platform for CFDs and real crypto currencies, allows users to trade both. CFDs (Contracts for Difference) are financial derivatives which allow traders to speculate about the price movement of an asset without owning it. Prime Advantage provides CFDs on a wide range of assets including stocks, forex and indices. Users can trade real cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

How It Works

Users must create an account on Prime Advantage and deposit money to begin trading. After making a deposit, users can begin trading CFDs or real cryptos. The platform provides a variety of features and tools to help traders make informed decisions. These include technical analysis tools, news about the market, and price charts.

Features and Benefits

Prime Advantage users can enjoy a number of features and benefits, including:

  • Trading with high leverage: The platform allows for leverage up to 1 to 500, allowing traders to take on larger positions using a lower capital investment.
  • Interface that is intuitive and simple: This platform is very easy to use for both beginners and experts.
  • Prime Advantage provides a wide range of advanced trading instruments, such as technical analysis indicators and price charts.
  • Mobile trading: Users can trade while on the move with the platform’s mobile app.

Pros and cons


  • High leverage trading
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Advanced Trading Tools
  • Mobile trading


  • Only a limited range of crypto currencies are available for trading
  • No demo account available

CFD Trading

What is a CFD?

CFDs (Contracts for Difference) are financial derivatives which allow traders to speculate without owning an asset on its price movements. Trading CFDs allows traders to benefit from both the rising and falling price of an underlying asset.

CFDs: Benefits and advantages

CFDs are a great way to trade.

  • Trading with high leverage: CFDs allows traders to trade larger positions for a lower capital investment due to the high leverage provided by CFDs brokers.
  • CFDs Trading: CFDs trading allows traders to trade a variety of markets including forex, commodities, indices and stocks.
  • Short selling: CFDs allows traders to profit by selling assets short, if the price of the underlying asset falls.

CFDs Trading: Risks

CFDs are a risky investment.

  • Trading with high leverage: High leverage can produce high returns but can also lead to significant losses, particularly if the trader doesn’t manage their risks properly.
  • Volatility: CFDs are subject to volatility in the market, which can lead to rapid price changes and significant losses.
  • Counterparty Risk: CFDs Brokers are counterparties to CFDs Trades. If the broker goes out of business, the trader could lose their entire investment.

Cryptocurrency trading

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, also known as digital currency, is a digital medium of exchange designed to use strong cryptography for the security of financial transactions, the control of the creation of new units and the verification of the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies are independent of central banks, and decentralized.

Benefits of cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency trading has many advantages.

  • Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies do not fall under the control of central authorities such as central banks.
  • Security: Cryptocurrencies are very secure because they use strong cryptography for transactions.
  • Cryptocurrencies enable users to transact anonymously without the need for identification.

Cryptocurrency Trading: Risks

Risks of cryptocurrency trading include

  • Volatility: Cryptocurrencies can be subject to high volatility levels, resulting in rapid price changes and significant losses.
  • Hacking: Exchanges and wallets of cryptocurrency are susceptible to hacking. This can lead to the loss or theft of funds.
  • Risk of regulatory failure: Cryptocurrencies do not have a central authority to regulate them, and this can lead to a lack in legal protection for their users.

Prime Advantage Platform

Prime Advantage Platform Overview

Prime Advantage is an intuitive and user-friendly trading platform, which allows users to trade CFDs as well as real cryptocurrencies. The platform provides a variety of advanced trading tools including technical analysis indicators and price charts.

Prime Advantage: How to Use It

Prime Advantage requires users to open an account and deposit money. After the user has made a deposit, they can begin trading CFDs or real cryptos. The platform has a simple, intuitive interface.

Prime Advantage App

Prime Advantage is available on both iOS and Android, so users can trade while they are on the move. The app has the same features as the web platform.

Prime Advantage Fees & Charges

Prime Advantage charges CFDs traders a spread, which is the difference in price between the buy- and sell-price of the asset. The spread is dependent on the asset that’s being traded. No fees are charged for withdrawals or deposits.

Prime Advantage Scam?

Background Check

Prime Advantage is a trading platform that appears to be legitimate. It has a user-friendly design and offers a variety of advanced trading features. The platform is registered and regulated in the UK.

Reviews and ratings of customers

Prime Advantage is generally well received by customers, who praise the platform for its ease of use and sophisticated trading tools.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

Prime Advantage has been registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority, which is responsible for regulating financial services in the UK. The platform is subjected to UK laws and regulation, providing a level legal protection for its users.

Security measures

Prime Advantage employs advanced security measures, such as SSL encryption, two factor authentication, and separate client accounts, to protect the data and funds of its users. The platform stores a large portion of the user’s funds in cold storage to provide an extra layer of security against hackers.

Prime Advantage Customer Service

Contact Information

Prime Advantage offers email and live chat support to users. The platform has a comprehensive FAQ.

Customer service quality

Prime Advantage’s customer service appears to be of high quality, as users report prompt and helpful responses.


  1. Prime Advantage is a trustworthy company?
  • Prime Advantage is a trading platform that appears to be trustworthy and subject to UK law and regulation.
  1. Prime Advantage makes money by selling products.
  • Prime Advantage earns money by charging a commission on CFDs.
  1. What are the risks involved in trading with Prime Advantage?
  • Prime Advantage trading involves volatility, counterparty risks, and regulatory risks.
  1. How long does the withdrawal process take for Prime Advantage?
  • Prime Advantage typically processes withdrawals within 24 hours.
  1. Can I use Prime Advantage on my mobile device?
  • Prime Advantage can be downloaded as an app on both iOS and Android.
  1. Prime Advantage requires a minimum deposit.
  • Prime Advantage requires a minimum of $250 to be deposited.
  1. Prime Advantage is available in my country.
  • Prime Advantage is available to most countries. However, some restrictions may apply.
  1. Prime Advantage Customer Support: How do I contact them?
  • Prime Advantage customers can reach Prime Advantage via email or Live Chat.
  1. What assets can I trade with Prime Advantage?
  • CFDs can be traded on a wide range of assets including forex, commodities, stocks and indices. Users can trade real cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.
  1. Does Prime Advantage offer demo accounts?
  • Prime Advantage currently does not offer a demo account.

The conclusion of the article is:

Prime Advantage offers users the chance to trade real cryptocurrency and CFDs. The platform has a simple interface and offers a variety of advanced trading features. Prime Advantage is a safe and reliable platform. Prime Advantage is a good platform for trading CFDs or real cryptocurrencies.


Prime Advantage is a great option for anyone looking to trade CFDs or real cryptocurrency. It is a great platform for beginners and experts alike, as it offers advanced trading tools with a friendly interface. Prime Advantage is a secure and legitimate platform.